Обложка книги Coyote Volume 3 (Coyote)

Coyote Volume 3 (Coyote)

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ISBN: 1582405999;
Издательство: Image Comics
Страниц: 128

Coyote's wormed his way deep into the Shadow Cabinet, and things are going so good that a Trickster just knows things have to go bad. What he thought was deep is barely scratching the surface, though, and by the time this latest adventure is are over, he's raced the ghost of James Dean, fought the legendary X-Caliber, spooked the Dark Cardinal and had half his brain removed by a Venusian.(Allegedly!) And he doesn't even know that the Djinn is having his own adventure, drawn by Spider-Man co-creator and comics legend Steve Ditko in a series devised especially for the pasha of paranoia.