Обложка книги Dawn Volume 3: Three Tiers

Dawn Volume 3: Three Tiers

ISBN: 1582405735;
Издательство: Image Comics
Страниц: 176

Here is the collection you've been waiting for! Joseph Michael Linsner has put three long years into creating this epic work - but you get to read it all at once! In a post-apocalyptic Europa, Dawn leads New York warrior Darrian Ashoka through wars, disasters and fire. His dangerous liaisons bring him up against the three faces of the Goddess. Is Dawn a virgin, a queen or a whore? Is Darrian the earthly manifestation of Death, the Horned God? On his quest for Dawn, Darrian faces dragons, fights duels and shatters mirrors. Will Dawn ultimately make his dreams come true, or his nightmares a reality? Формат: 17,5 см x 26,5 см.