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Judd Winick

Green Arrow: Moving Targets - Volume 6 (Green Arrow (Graphic Novels))

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ISBN: 1401209300
Издательство: DC Comics
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 256
Star Citys underworld has been taken over by criminal mastermind Brick, and Green Arrow finds taking him down harder than imagined. Brick wants the Emerald Archer out of his way, preferably dead. So does the Riddler, whos back in town and seeking revenge. Adding to the Emerald Archers troubles is Drakon, the inhumanly agile mercenary, who returns to plague Green Arrow and his comrades. Mia Dearden, Green Arrows new ward, also experiences new highs and lowsfirst she gains a costume and sanction as the new Speedy, but she also recieves tragic news that alters her outlook on life.
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