Обложка книги Il Gatto Sul G Volume 2 (Yaoi) (Il Gatto Sul)

Il Gatto Sul G Volume 2 (Yaoi) (Il Gatto Sul)

ISBN: 1569708932;
Издательство: Digital Manga Publishing
Страниц: 208

Riya's cousin Saki returns to Japan from New York, partly to visit Riya and partly to check up on him by order of Riya's father. Seeing the bond between Atsushi and Riya, Saki offers to let Atsushi be a live-in housekeeper at the Narukawa residence. He accepts and immediately has to deal with Riya's ever changing personalities. Riya asks Atsushi to sleep with him, but Atsushi can tell that Riya isn't being sincere about his feelings... or is he?

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