Обложка книги Let Us Be Perfectly Clear

Let Us Be Perfectly Clear

ISBN: 1560977523;
Издательство: Fantagraphics
Страниц: 136

A cornucopia of existentialism, formal innovation and stylistic experimentation. Let Us Be Perfectly Clear is a collection of Paul Hornschemeier's full-color short stories and shows off his playful experimental side and his protean stylistic verve. Perfectly Clear brings back into print stories that Hornschemeier published prior to his Three Paradoxes Fantagraphics debut from a variety of sources?his own self-published Forlorn Funnies , as well as strips that originally appeared in independent magazines and papers?none of which has been available to the book trade. The book is designed as a "flip book" in the tradition of the old Ace paperbacks, with one side featuring comedic work (or as comedic as Hornschemeier's mind allows), and the other decidedly more morose. With almost every page, we see a new style, a new direction; with the resultant effect being that of an anthology by creators of vastly contrasting sensibilities. ...