Обложка книги Macbeth (Graphic Shakespeare) (Shakespeare Graphic Library)

Macbeth (Graphic Shakespeare) (Shakespeare Graphic Library)

ISBN: 1579126219;
Издательство: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers
Страниц: 96

Shakespeare has been called the greatest writer in the English language—but his language and settings can seem remote and forbidding. Welcome to Black Dog’s Graphic Shakespeare Library, where each play comes to life in a new way, panel after illustrated panel. Macbeth is a story of kingship, honor, and bloody revenge. Graphic Shakesp are brings all of the action to vivid life while retaining every word of the original plays. Macbeth is illustrated in full color by Von, an up-and-coming London artist, and includes a synopsis of the play, and an illustrated character list. It’s a marvelous way to experience Shakespeare for the first time—or the tenth—and is sure to be attractive to students and theatre fans alike.

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