Обложка книги Night Of The Beasts Volume 1

Night Of The Beasts Volume 1

ISBN: 1933617144;
Издательство: Go!Comi
Страниц: 200

Aria's got a reputation as the toughest girl in school because she can't resist taking on bullies - especially guys who aggressively hit on innocent girls. Which is why she's taken by surprise when her first kiss is stolen by a complete stranger. Not only does he keep making moves on her, but it seems like every time they meet, it's at the latest crime scene of a murder spree that's plaguing Aria's neighborhood. How is it that he seems to know all about the supernatural murderer of these innocent girls? And how will Aria react to his claim only she can save him from a destiny so bloody that even the violent deeds of black demon slaughtering victims all over town will pale in comparison?