Обложка книги Playback: A Graphic Novel

Playback: A Graphic Novel

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ISBN: 1559707968;
Издательство: Arcade Publishing
Страниц: 120

Unearthed from the Universal Studios archives and adapted as a graphic novel, the script for Playback is classic Chandler, exposing the highs and lows of the human heart in the raw light of a hard-boiled crime story. Betty Mayfield is blond and beautiful and has just been found guilty of the murder of her husband. But the judge realizes the jury is terrified of her father-in-law -- the man who owns everything in this small North Carolina town -- and overturns the verdict. Her father-in-law swears vengeance, and Betty flees. Seeking a new life, she meets Larry Mitchell, a brash but charming gigolo, on the train to Vancouver. He brings her to the Vancouver Royal Hotel, where she stays in a room beneath the penthouse of a rich and charismatic playboy, Clark Brandon, who takes her under his wing. When Mitchell's body turns up on Betty's balcony, jaded inspector Jeff Killaine is assigned to the case, but falls for Betty. Did she do it, or was she framed? If she didn't kill Mitchell, who...

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