Обложка книги Priest 15

Priest 15

ISBN: 1591825164;
Издательство: TokyoPop
Страниц: 192

Ivan wrestles with his demons through the mysterious town of Windtale, the hint of death wafting over all its corrupt citizens... But a horror more haunting than any dark entity lingers over the town. When a tragic misunderstanding fuels an out-of-control mob, an unholy terror is about to be unleashed unto humanity. "I had no idea that this title called Priest would forever change how I read and enjoy sequential art storytelling." -Jared Pine, animeondvd.com "The art is superb with an excellent use of gore which, amazingly, didn't seem overdone despite the fact that almost every page features a violent and bloody death." -Sheena McNeil, Sequential Tart