Обложка книги Sorcerers & Secretaries 1

Sorcerers & Secretaries 1

ISBN: 1598164090;
Издательство: TokyoPop
Страниц: 192

Nicole Hayes sure likes to daydreamA??"and who can blame her? She studies a subject she has no interest in so she can satisfy her mother, and she works part time as a receptionist to satisfy her growing debt. But when she's alone with her notebook, she crafts a fantastic story and lets her imagination go-go-go! Meanwhile, her old neighbor Josh pines after Nicole's every step but just can't seem to snap her out of her daydreams and get her to notice him. If only he could see what it was she was dreaming about, maybe he could finally win her over!From the creator of the online comic site, felaxx.com, comes a romantic comedy for anyone who has dared to dream about a crazy little thing called love!