Обложка книги Southland Tales Book 2: Fingerprints

Southland Tales Book 2: Fingerprints


ISBN: 0936211768;
Издательство: Graphitti Designs
Страниц: 112

July 1 2008. Ronald Taverner awakens on a houseboat on Lake Mead, Nevada... stricken with amnesia. He soon discovers that he is involved in a conspiracy to kidnap and impersonate his twin brother Roland... a police officer from Hermosa Beach, California. Roland discovers that his brother has ties to a neo-Marxist extremist group. He is quickly dispatched on a top secret mission with an escort named Zora Charmichaels, armed with a mysterious drug manufactured by the Treer Corporation. Meanwhile... Boxer Santaros, Krysta Now and Fortunio Balducci have arrived in the city of Palmdale, following the clues hidden in a prophetic screenplay called The Power.

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