Обложка книги Stray Little Devil Volume 1 (Stray Little Devil)

Stray Little Devil Volume 1 (Stray Little Devil)

ISBN: 1597960438;
Издательство: Dr. Master Productions Inc.
Страниц: 200

Pam Akumachi is an energetic 13-year-old junior high student full of curiosity. One day, when Pam and her friends try to summon the "benign devil" her grandmother used to talk about, the magic circle goes out of control and Pam is transported to a strange parallel world where angels and devils coexist with no humans in sight. There, she meets a mysterious man who says he will show her the way back to her world, but only if she becomes a full bona fide devil! Under the watchful eyes of Master Devil Lizyerra and her other apprentices Raim and Vine, Pam begins to learn what it takes to be a devil. Watch Pam as she catches and enters into contract with her very first spirit familiar - En Zu, learns about Conservation Law of Fortune and meets the "Successor of Aureole," an angel named Linfa, who is the spitting image of her best friend Rinka in the present world.

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