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Mike Kennedy

Superman: Infinite City (Superman (Graphic Novels))

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ISBN: 1401200664
Издательство: DC Comics
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 96
When a villain uses a very powerful weapon in Metropolis, Clark and Lois trace him back to an old town called INFINITE CITY. They find the town abandoned, except for a doorway that leads to another amazing world.... the true INFINITE CITY, where magic and science happily coexist. Superman and Lois step through the magic portal and become embroiled in a war for power on the other side. One faction wants to stay in its dimension, and another wants to branch out to our world. Superman will meet a doppelganger called the Warden, who shares the Kryptonians might but not his intellect. He will also come across the architect of this world, a robot leader who claims to be what remains of his father Jor-El.
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