Обложка книги Superman: Infinite Crisis (Superman (Graphic Novels))

Superman: Infinite Crisis (Superman (Graphic Novels))

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ISBN: 140120953X;
Издательство: DC Comics
Страниц: 128

Alternate worlds were once a hallmark of the DC Universe. Various Earths existed that were strikingly alike yet distinctly unique. The modern heroes of the Justice League of America existed on Earth-One while the Justice Society of America, their Golden Age predecessors, lived on Earth-Two. Infinite other Earths existed, each with a unique difference. This volume reveals the secret of what happened to the Earth Two Man of Steel, his wife Lois Lane, Alex Luthor of Earth Three and Superboy from Earth - Prime, after their worlds were destroyed during the events of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. This is a must-read for fans of the classic graphic novel CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS and the upcoming hardcover graphic novel, INFINITE CRISIS.

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