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Kyle Green, Studio Kosaru

Surge (Yaoi)

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ISBN: 193366407X
Издательство: Yaoi Press
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 152
The gorgeous surfer Shawn needs to pass marine biology or else he'll flunk out of college. Luckily for him, the cute nerd Alan is dying to learn how to surf. The two are brought into each others' worlds and romantic sparks fly. It seems like a dream for Alan until Shawn's former boyfriend Clay gives him a harsh reality check. Clay warns that Shawn is just using Alan and will drop him the second he passes his test. He also hints about Shawn's dark side, which may have something to do with the injury that made Clay have to stop surfing. Can such a mismatched couple really be happy? Or is Alan just diving into trouble?
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