Обложка книги The Four Constables Volume 5 (Four Constables)

The Four Constables Volume 5 (Four Constables)


ISBN: 1597960934;
Издательство: Dr. Master Productions Inc.
Страниц: 128

The kung fu fighting sleuths from the Sung Dynasty have returned. Unraveling the intricate decades-long mystery surrounding the 13 masked murders, the four imperial constables are holding the sadistic Sima captive to lure out the remaining masked killers. However, the seemingly unstoppable mastermind has since eluded Emotionless, Life-Snatcher and the rest. Yet, Master Shuge realizes the truth. Will this revelation come too late? If not, are the Four Constables and their exalted master skilled enough to take down this cunning killer who lurks in familiar shadows?