Обложка книги The Hardy Boys #4: Malled (Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers)

The Hardy Boys #4: Malled (Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers)

ISBN: 1597070149;
Издательство: Papercutz
Страниц: 96

Frank and Joe Hardy finish up a case helping a fellow ATAC (American TeensAgainst Crime) agent, who sharp-eyed fans may recognize despite her Alias.Things seem to quiet down when ATAC sends Frank and Joe undercover toinvestigate a new Mall opening in Bayport, due to several suspiciousaccidents there. But things get exciting when the night before the bigopening, Joe, Frank, and seven others are mysteriously locked in the mallwith a murderer on the loose. If that wasn't enough, everything that couldgo horribly wrong in a mall, does. A flood caused by water beds. Anelectrocution at an electronics shop. A bow and arrow used to kill in theSporting Goods store. A runaway elevator. A damsel in distress in the dressshop. Fire in the food court. And much, much more.

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