Обложка книги The Plastic Man Archives, Vol. 8 (DC Archive Editions)

The Plastic Man Archives, Vol. 8 (DC Archive Editions)

ISBN: 1401207774;
Издательство: DC Comics
Страниц: 204

When Eel O'Brian fell into a vat of chemicals, his body gained the ability to stretch into any shape and the hero known as Plastic Man was born. Whether bouncing like a super ball, tying himself in knots or using his arms as lariats, the pliable hero never misses a chance to verbally or physically humiliate a foe while fighting crime in his unusual but effective manner. Mixing dark humor with original villains, these stories broke away from conventional comic book plots and forged a new path for super hero storytelling. This 204-page volume showcases the wildly inventive artist Jack Cole at the peak of his cartooning powers, and includes an introduction by acclaimed comics writer and longtime Plastic Man fan, Harvey Pekar.