Обложка книги Studio at Large: Architecture in Service of Global Communities

Studio at Large: Architecture in Service of Global Communities


ISBN: 0295984325;
Издательство: University of Washington Press
Страниц: 191

For more than a decade, architects and students from the University of Washington have been working with squatter communities in Mexico, migrant laborers in eastern Washington, and Indian reservations of the inland West as well as communities in Cuba, India, and Africa to provide housing, schools, clinics, and other vital structures. Led by Sergio Palleroni, Steve Badanes, and David Riley, these pioneering design/build programs have combined innovative architectural training with cross-cultural immersion, social activism, and environmental science, using design skills and hands-on construction projects to confront poverty and urgent social problems one building at a time. Studio at Large documents the international and regional community studios organized by Sergio Palleroni and his colleagues, typically held in intensive ten-week builds in marginalized communities. Involving community members and students, these studios promote maximum use of recycled or inexpensive, locally...