Обложка книги The Lighthouse Encyclopedia: The Definitive Reference

The Lighthouse Encyclopedia: The Definitive Reference

ISBN: 0762727357;
Издательство: Globe Pequot
Страниц: 288

Who was Augustine Fresnel? What is a clamshell lens? When was the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse moved inland? Where were screw-pile towers used? What is a daymark? Lighthouse lovers and anyone interested in maritime history will find the answers to these and hundreds of other questions in The Encyclopedia of Lighthouses . This one-stop resource offers an amazing wealth of information about the history of lighthouses, key people associated with lighthouses, lighthouse technology, lighthouse organizations, and specific lighthouses. Organized in traditional encyclopedia style, this predominantly A-to-Z compendium of information allows readers to easily find the historical fact, famous lighthouse keeper, or lighthouse mechanism they are looking for and then read the pertinent details about that topic. Following is a small sampling of entries covered: Breakwater light Caisson Hyper-radiant lens Winslow Lewis Lightships Mercury bath Stephen...

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