Обложка книги Interior Materials and Surfaces: The Complete Guide

Interior Materials and Surfaces: The Complete Guide

ISBN: 1552979679;
Издательство: Firefly Books
Страниц: 256

Comprehensive reference to every type of surface material for floors, walls and ceilings. Interior surfaces add beauty, structure and comfort to homes. Available in a stunning range of natural and synthetic materials, these surfaces are both cosmetic and functional. Interior Materials and Surfaces covers the full range of home surfaces from three points of view: technical, practical and aesthetic. The book provides comprehensive details on each material, featuring their pros and cons, general uses, and alternative applications. Chapters cover a wide range of options for do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike: Wood -- hard and soft, wood composites and veneers Plastics, resins, rubber and linoleum Metals, iron, steel, copper, brass, aluminum, zinc, lead and gold leaf Glass Fabrics and papers Leather and suede Paints, varnishes, lacquers Stone, ceramics and tiles...