Обложка книги Phaidon Atlas Of Contemporary World Architecture: Travel Edition

Phaidon Atlas Of Contemporary World Architecture: Travel Edition


ISBN: 0714844500;
Издательство: Phaidon Press
Страниц: 384

The Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture, Travel Edition presents all of the best works of architecture completed in the last five years in an ultra-convenient mini-format, perfect for the holiday or business traveller. Each of the 1,052 projects from the comprehensive edition are included with a single image per building and a short text to help the traveller recognise it. The project entry gives the name of each building and its architect, the location, and the address, if visitable, as well as the telephone number, where appropriate. There is also a system to indicate which projects are open to the public. In addition to the forty two regional maps from the comprehensive edition, there are an additional 27 new city maps which locate the buildings in more built up areas The book provides a unique opportunity to visit 1,052 works of contemporary architecture in all parts of the world, from the Arctic Circle to the African deserts and beyond. The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary...

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