Обложка книги Pines: Drawings and Descriptions of the Genus Pinus

Pines: Drawings and Descriptions of the Genus Pinus

ISBN: 9004139168;
Издательство: Brill Academic Publishers
Страниц: 236

There has been a steady demand for the first edition of the conifer book Pines , which sold out in 2002. Therefore, a second edition, which is a modest update, was written. The book Pines was never an attempt at monograph in the taxonomic sense. Rather it was an overview with line drawings of the commonly known species of pines, giving concise but essential information on identification, distribution and ecology. Introductory texts explained botanical characteristics of pines and a chapter on classification, one on phylogeny and biogeography, and a glossary, index and short bibliography completed the book. This scope and structure have been maintained in the second edition. It was necessary to make several taxonomic changes, to add or omit a few species, present a new chapter on phylogeny and classification and amend or correct, even expand, some of the information given in the first edition, especially in the species accounts. Conservation aspects have been added to...

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