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Susan W. Thrane

State Houses: America's 50 State Capitol Buildings

Обложка книги State Houses: America's 50 State Capitol Buildings

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ISBN: 1550464574
Издательство: Boston Mills Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 336
A magnificent celebration of America's state capitol buildings. These glorious buildings are, in the author's words, "the homes of history," where laws are passed, where democracy is enacted, where history is written. Though each state capitol bears some similarity to the other forty-nine, each in its architecture and design reflects uniquely the pride of its state, both culturally and historically. For this unprecedented project, photographer Tom Patterson traveled to each of America's fifty state capitals to capture the architectural beauty and dignity of its capitol building in glorious large-format color images. Writer Susan W. Thrane reveals fascinating details about each capitol building's beginnings: the events surrounding construction background on its architects and builders dimensions and costs primary features and main rooms unique furnishings and works of art. The book also...