Обложка книги Architectural Detailing: Function - Constructibility -  Aesthetics

Architectural Detailing: Function - Constructibility - Aesthetics


ISBN: 0471488178;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 336

This edition of the industry standard on architectural detailing includes new sections covering analysis and modification of existing details and design of new details, both basic and advanced. Revised to address sustainability and to reflect the International Building CodeA®, Architectural Detailing continues to deliver reliable, insightful information on how to design details that will be water- and airtight, control the flows of heat and water vapor, adjust to all kinds of movement, age gracefully, be easy to construct, and still look good. Conveniently organized by the three major concerns of the detailer?function, constructibility, and aesthetics?this edition features: Richly illustrated examples of detail design, case studies, and practical exercises. New and revised patterns showing form, constructibility, and aesthetics. Everything you need, whether a student or professional, to design details that work. ...

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