Обложка книги At Home on the Prairie: The Houses of Purcell & Elmslie

At Home on the Prairie: The Houses of Purcell & Elmslie


ISBN: 0811850412;
Издательство: Chronicle Books
Страниц: 192

The houses of William Gray Purcell and George Grant Elmslie built mainly in the Midwest and Northeast are the embodiment of the early 20th century marriage of fine craftsmanship and modern technology. Masterpieces of the Prairie Style, each home was designed with the groundbreaking idea that comfort and utility could harmonize with grace and style. Characterized by open plans and site-specific designs, Purcell and Elmslie residences are tied to the land by local materials and low, spreading forms. Their signature use of nature-based ornament and brilliant color further distinguished them from their contemporaries, Frank Lloyd Wright's houses among them. In 24 residential profiles and gorgeous new photographs, Prairie Style expert Dixie Legler and photographer Christian Korab vividly bring to life the pair's enduring dedication to simple elegance and honest design. At Home on the Prairie is the deluxe treatment that this ingenious duo deserves.

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