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Deyan Sudjic

Domus 1928-1999. Vols. 1-12

Обложка книги Domus 1928-1999. Vols. 1-12

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ISBN: 3822830275, 9783822830277
Издательство: Taschen
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 6960
The very best from the seminal architecture and design journal (1928-1999) For over seventy-five years, domus has been hailed as the world's most influential architecture and design journal. Founded in 1928 by the great Milanese architect Gio Ponti, the magazine's central agenda has always remained that of creating a privileged insight into identifying the style of a particular age, from Art Deco, Modern Movement Functionalism and Postwar to Pop, Post-Modernism and Late Modern. Beautifully designed and comprehensively documented, domus presents page after page some of the most exciting design and architecture projects from around the world. A truly comprehensive lexicon of styles and movements, the volumes are accompanied by specially commissioned introductory texts that not only outline the history of the magazine but also describe what was happening in design and architecture during each era covered. These texts have been written by many of the magazine's renowned past...