Обложка книги Egyptian Palaces and Villas: Pashas, Khedives, and Kings

Egyptian Palaces and Villas: Pashas, Khedives, and Kings

ISBN: 0810955385; 9780810955387;
Издательство: "Harry N. Abrams, Inc."
Страниц: 208

Egypt's romantic allure does not end with the age of the pharaohs. This lavishly illustrated book offers an unprecedented look inside the opulent estates of the pashas, khedives, and great ladies of 19th-century Egypt, and the princes and kings of the ealy 20th century. Here in all its cosmopolitan splendor is the world of unparalleled prosperity that attracted adventurers the world over, from the Belle A‰poque through the Roaring Twenties. The stories of the families and architects behind 41 spectacularvillas and palaces make this volume as fascinating to read as it is to look at. Sumptuously illustrated with 174 original color photographs, Egyptian Palaces and Villas will entrance and delight anyone interested in this proud land and its dramatichistory.