Обложка книги Future Systems

Future Systems

ISBN: 0714844691;
Издательство: Phaidon Press
Страниц: 240

The Definitive Book on the Work of Future Systems "A building has to last, it just can't be about fashion." - Jan Kaplicky Can the ordinary be made unfamiliar and new? How can a simple object elevate the way in which one lives? Can structure and content blur seamlessly into one? Does every house have to have eight corners? These are only some of the questions posed and answered by the innovative architecture and design practice, Future Systems, that are breaking molds and boundaries worldwide. FUTURE SYSTEMS, by Dejan Sudjic, the most extensive exploration of the inventive architectural firm ever published. Future Systems, founded by Jan Kaplicky, is an architectural design practice established in 1979 that has become recognized worldwide for consistently challenging traditional preconceptions of space and demonstrating environmental concern and efficiency. They have surprised the architectural world with their daring forms and inventive design philosophy ...