Обложка книги In Detail: Semi-Detached and Terraced Houses

In Detail: Semi-Detached and Terraced Houses

ISBN: 3764374896; 978-3-7643-7489-1;
Издательство: Birkhauser
Страниц: 176

The desire to own a home of one's own is still the leading motivation for those buying and constructing new buildings. Row and twin houses constitute an affordable alternative to the single-family house, especially for young or middle-income families. In times of tight budgets and rising energy and investment costs, they represent a sensible alternative to the freestanding single-family house. In Detail: Row and Twin Houses features numerous international examples of these appealing, high-quality homes. The houses are organized by building material and clearly documented with site plans, ground-?oor plans, interrelated sections, and the kind of informative high-quality technical drawings readers have come to expect from the In Detail series. In addition to analyzing the typology of the high-density, single-family house, this volume introduces different planning and ?nancing models as well as energy-saving building methods and construction with prefabricated parts.

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