Обложка книги St. Paul'S Architecture: A History

St. Paul'S Architecture: A History


ISBN: 0816635900;
Издательство: Univ Of Minnesota Press
Страниц: 400

From the grand boulevard of Summit Avenue to the gleaming State Capitol, from the warehouses of University Avenue to the postwar neighborhoods in Highland Park, St. Paul, Minnesota, is a city blessed with an extraordinary architectural heritage. In St. Paul’s Architecture, Jeffrey A. Hess and Paul Clifford Larson portray the city’s distinct history and character through the evolution of its architecture. Starting with the buildings that defined St. Paul’s founding in the 1840s, through the great construction boom of the mid-1880s, to the stylish and artistic work of Period Revival architects in the 1920s and 1930s and the rise of modernism after World War II, the authors showcase the city’s rich architectural heritage. Concluding the exploration, the book’s final chapter sheds light on the architecture of present-day St. Paul. St. Paul’s Architecture presents more than 225 notable surviving buildings and the history of several neighborhoods...

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