Обложка книги The Complete Greek Temples

The Complete Greek Temples

ISBN: 0500051429; 9780500051429;
Издательство: Thames & Hudson
Страниц: 240

A spectacularly illustrated and complete survey of ancient Greek temples, combined with an up-to-date archaeological and historical introduction. The great colonnaded temples of the ancient Greeks are the most impressive of all the monuments left behind by Greek civilization. As feats of design and construction they have never been surpassed, and the best-preserved examples?such as the Parthenon in Athens?still excite wonder and admiration. Once there were hundreds of these glorious structures, dotted around the Mediterranean wherever the ancient Greeks settled and founded cities. No less than steeples or minarets today, they were instantly identifiable icons of an ancient religion and a way of life. This book is the first to tell the complete story, with hundreds of accompanying illustrations, from their debated origins in the Greek dark ages to their transformation at the end of antiquity. It also includes for the first time in English a...