Обложка книги Japanese Wood-Fired Ceramics

Japanese Wood-Fired Ceramics


ISBN: 0873497422;
Издательство: Krause Publications
Страниц: 320

The methods, materials and aesthetic appreciation of Japanese wood firing are explained in exquisite detail in Japanese Wood-Fired Ceramics. This ancient technique is a favorite among ceramic artists and instructors around the world, and this superior resource offers artists valuable insight into this nearly 1,000-year-old tradition. Techniques, traditionally passed on through apprenticeships that last nearly a decade, are explained in detailed instructions, including more than 700 illustrations and color photos. The complexities of loading and firing a wood kiln, unique glazes and firing techniques used to obtain surface effects, and experimental approaches are discussed in this reference. This optimum resource offers artists an additional bonus with instructions for creating two kilns, including the authors' famous Dancing Fire Wood Kiln. -Details of ancient Japanese wood-firing methods are covered -Features 700+ color photos to guide artists in learning methods ...