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Mathilde Battistini

Symbols and Allegories in Art (Guide to Imagery Series)

Обложка книги Symbols and Allegories in Art (Guide to Imagery Series)

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ISBN: 0892368187, 978-0-89236-818-1
Издательство: Getty Trust Publications: J. Paul Getty Museum
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 384
From antiquity, when the gods and goddesses were commonly featured in works of art, through to the twentieth century, when Surrealists drew on archetypes from the unconscious, artists have embedded symbols in their works. As with previous volumes in the Guide to Imagery series, the goal of this book is to provide contemporary readers and museum visitors with the tools to read the hidden meanings in works of art. This latest volume is divided thematically into four sections featuring symbols related to time, man, space (earth and sky), and allegories or moral lessons. Readers will learn, for instance, that night, the primordial mother of the cosmos, was often portrayed in ancient art as a woman wrapped in a black veil, whereas day or noon was often represented in Renaissance art as a strong, virile man evoking the full manifestation of the sun's energy. Each entry in the book contains a main reference image in which details of the symbol or allegory being analyzed are...