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Brian Sutherland, Nigel Wood

Glazes from Natural Sources: A Working Handbook For Potters

Обложка книги Glazes from Natural Sources: A Working Handbook For Potters

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ISBN: 0812219457
Издательство: University of Pennsylvania Press
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 142
Any real education in ceramics must involve, from the outset, an appreciation of the source materials--the rocks around us. While good, throwable clay may be a regional commodity, there is no part of the world that will not yield potential glaze materials in abundance. Potters therefore need to know how to exploit the special properties of local rocks quickly, reliably, and methodically. This new revised and updated version of Brian Sutherland's classic book on making glazes from natural sources explains how to locate glaze material and construct, test, and use the glazes created. Glazes from Natural Sources discusses rock types and other likely sources of supply, the making of test pieces, and the use of blend systems and constructions. The author also clarifies the Seger system of glaze presentation for those who, like himself, have found it difficult to grasp and apply. He covers, and supplies, formulae for glazes for all temperatures--from raku to stoneware and...