Обложка книги The Big Book of Illustration Ideas (Big Book)

The Big Book of Illustration Ideas (Big Book)

ISBN: 0060852615; 978-0-06-085261-0;
Издательство: Collins Design
Страниц: 384

How do your find an illustrator to create a piece of work? At present, there are a number of methods: looking through myriad agents' promotional books; browsing annual competition collections; trying to find that pile of unsolicited illustrators' cards you just had on your desk the other day; searching the web -- for a few hours!; asking a colleague. All of these methods can work, but they're all time-consuming and haphazard. What if you need someone to draw some salad on a plate with a glass on wine next to it? You could go through the above processes, and -- after a while -- you'd probably find someone to draw or paint it in the style you wanted. Or you could pick up The Big Book of Illustration Ideas . Flip to the section marked "Food and Still Life" and find pages and pages of illustrators who can draw all manner of food in all manner of styles: pencil, crayon, watercolor, collage, and so on, and so on. A smorgasbord of illustration ideas! In fact, within these...

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