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Gary Baseman, Pao & Paws

Dumb Luck: The Art of Gary Baseman

Обложка книги Dumb Luck: The Art of Gary Baseman

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ISBN: 0811844234
Издательство: Chronicle Books
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 336
Mucking up the pages of the New Yorker , the New York Times , Rolling Stone , Forbes , the Atlantic Monthly , Blab , and more, Gary Baseman has populated the finest publications with his inimitable brand of illustration. Now Dumb Luck , presents the first complete collection of his work, spanning more than ten years. According to Baseman himself, his art inhabits "that muddy spot where the line between genius and stupidity has been smudged beyond recognition." Dark and dopey, hokey and heartbreaking, his world is populated with freaky folks, maimed bunnies, weird wiener dogs, and anthropomorphic ice-cream cones that yearn and burn just like we do. Baseman's particular genius lies in capturing those ridiculous and all-too-often appalling aspects of being human. Hilarious testimony to the mind of its creator, Dumb Luck is both an art manifesto and a raw celebration of idiocy.