Обложка книги Edward W. Redfield: Just Values And Fine Seeing

Edward W. Redfield: Just Values And Fine Seeing

ISBN: 0812238435;
Издательство: University of Pennsylvania Press
Страниц: 144

Trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia and arguably the stylistic leader of the Pennsylvania Impressionist school of painting, Edward W. Redfield (1869-1965) was fascinated by the forces that colored an individual's reaction to nature. His paintings reflected an engagement with the American experience, in an unsentimental impressionist style. A painter of great immediacy, Redfield understood that art was an expressive activity rooted in sensibility and feeling, and advised other artists, "See it, seize it, remember it--then get out and paint it." The phenomenal popularity of Redfield from 1900 to 1920 cannot be fully understood without considering how his life and work were viewed as the embodiment of a national spirit of the progress of America. Redfield's paintings embodied the rawness and energy of America during a period of transformation from a predominantly agrarian to an industrialized capitalist nation. Not only did these bold, vibrant pictures...