Обложка книги Julie Speed: Paintings, Constructions, and Works on Paper

Julie Speed: Paintings, Constructions, and Works on Paper

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ISBN: 0292702728;
Издательство: University of Texas Press
Страниц: 199

Julie Speed's meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail bring to mind the work of painters from the fifteenth and sixteenth century Renaissance. Unlike those artists, however, Speed is inspired by an almost limitless number of easily available sources and is unencumbered by the sexual and societal restrictions of past centuries, which gives her the freedom to paint what she wants and the way she wants. This places her body of work squarely in the present. Utilizing her keen sense of the absurd, Speed ponders the big questions?the role of religion, isolation and longing, sexuality, sin and guilt?with a sly, sometimes black, sense of humor and a steadfast refusal to offer the viewer any tidy resolutions. It is the emphatically open-ended and omnivorous nature of her work, combining anxiety, erotica, and violence with the subversive power of beauty, that puts Speed in the vanguard of a return to figurative painting in contemporary art. To bring Speed's...