Обложка книги Sister Gertrude Morgan: Tools of Her Ministry

Sister Gertrude Morgan: Tools of Her Ministry

ISBN: 0847826236;
Издательство: Rizzoli International Publications
Страниц: 96

Sister Gertrude Morgan (1900-1980) was an African-American self-taught artist, evangelist, musician, and poet who used her diverse talents as a vehicle for and extension of her profound religious faith. Morgan's life and art combine the African-American tradition of autonomous expression with a remarkable inherent artistic sensibility. Gertrude Morgan considered her paintings and decorated objects not art but rather tools for teaching the word of God. Settling in New Orleans in 1939, she became a familiar figure on the streets of the city's French Quarter, where she would set up her easels with paintings illustrating passages from the Bible and preach the Gospel to passersby, often singing in a deep voice and accompanying herself on guitar or tambourine. Most of her paintings are religious in theme; many are literal interpretations of biblical passages from the Old and New Testaments, and her imagery is often richly apocalyptic. She frequently wrote messages or...