Обложка книги The Classic Pin-Up Art of Jack Cole

The Classic Pin-Up Art of Jack Cole

ISBN: 1560975598;
Издательство: Fantagraphics Books
Страниц: 104

A collection of the rare '50s pinups that led to the artist's final gig, as Playboy 's first star cartoonist. In the rarefied realm of classic cartoon pin-up art, nobody did it better than Jack Cole. With his quirky line drawings and sensual watercolors, Cole, under Hugh Hefner's guiding hand, catapulted to stardom in the 1950s as Playboy's marquee cartoonist, a position he held until his untimely death at the age of 43. Jack Cole, most recently the subject of a book profile by Art Spiegelman and Chip Kidd ( Jack Cole and Plastic Man: Forms Stretched To Their Limits ) has been justly celebrated as the creator of Plastic Man and an innovative comic book artist of the 1940s. Cole had sold a handful of cartoons to magazines such as Boy's Life, Colliers and Judge in the '30s and '40s, but after finishing his 14-year run on Plastic Man , he found himself back at square one in an idiom that didn't come naturally to him: the gag cartoon....