Обложка книги Allen Jones

Allen Jones

ISBN: 190397321X; 9781903973219;
Издательство: Royal Academy
Страниц: 150

Top-shelf magazine meets fine art. High-heeled, fetishistic women parade through a world of Matissean color. Allen Jones's use of these apparent stereotypes has made him a controversial figure in the art world. Tackling issues of gender and power raised y his work, and including images of Jones's source material and his own photography, this is the first publication to survey his career. Jones established his reputation in the 1960s as a Pop artist. Since then he has remained true to his these roos, developing a rich vein of imagery and exploring the boundaries between commercial and fine art. This important book goes beyond his fine art and also looks at other aspects of his career-his work for the theater, ballet, and film (Jones's work has beenfeatured in Blow Up and A Clockwork Orange )-and reveals an artist who, having been influenced by the world of fashion, has seen his work appropriated by the fashion world.

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