Обложка книги Artists' Estates: Reputations In Trust

Artists' Estates: Reputations In Trust

ISBN: 0813536049;
Издательство: Rutgers University Press
Страниц: 381

"This is an engrossing and valuable work for collectors, scholars, and artists, which surveys the lives of important twentieth-century American artists and the management of their accumulated works by widows, families, and dealers. It opens a window into problems of taxes, wills and trusts, the inheritors' role in conservations, succession and interpretation, and the responsibility for preservation of our visual heritage."?Gerald Nordland, author of Richard Diebenkorn and former director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Milwaukee Art Museum "A completely new approach?finally we hear from those who look after the paintings and sculptures after the artist dies. Wonderfully eloquent and personal, this book is important, valuable, and totally engrossing."?Flora Biddle, author of The Whitney Women and the Museum They Made and former president and chairman of the Whitney Museum of American Art "Anyone interested in the art world and the protection of...