Обложка книги Cezanne And The Dawn Of Modern Art

Cezanne And The Dawn Of Modern Art

ISBN: 377571488X;
Издательство: Hatje Cantz Publishers
Страниц: 239

CA©zanne and the Dawn of Modern Art presents selected paintings by Paul CA©zanne alongside works by younger artists that reveal the powerful influence of the man hailed as the founder of modern painting. The driving forces in the reception of CA©zanne's art were not art critics, art historians, or even the artist himself, but rather other artists--primarily the Fauves led by Matisse, de Vlaminck, and Derain; and the Cubists including Picasso, Braque, and LA©ger--all of whom absorbed and elaborated on CA©zanne's revolutionary ideas about color and composition. Against this background of CA©zannisme , the book presents key works by CA©zanne and younger artists in revealing juxtapositions. Readers will discover analogies and variations between the works of the "father of modern art" and those of his successors in a series of related motifs--portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. This volume is, indeed, a compact history of the icons of modern art. It offers new insight...