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Victor Harris

Cutting Edge: Japanese Swords In The British Museum

Обложка книги Cutting Edge: Japanese Swords In The British Museum

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ISBN: 0804836809
Издательство: Tuttle Publishing
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 160
The Japanese sword has long been appreciated both as a weapon and as an object of art. No culture, besides the Japanese, has developed the sword to such a level of technological excellence, or raised it to such a position of spiritual importance. As a cutting weapon, the fully developed curved sword of the samurai was uniquely effective. As a cultural object, it offers invaluable insights into the social and spiritual history of the Japanese people. Cutting Edge offers a fascinating introduction to the design, manufacture, and collecting of these Japanese weapons. It covers the development of sword designs, traditional forging methods, regional variations in style, and signature works by legendary craftsmen, and includes hundreds of photos, with 16 pages in full color.