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Jake And Dinos Chapman

Обложка книги Jake And Dinos Chapman

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ISBN: 3883759295
Издательство: Kunsthaus Bregenz
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 155
Talk about sibling ribaldry. Self-professed enfants terribles and brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman enrage some with their art and reduce others to laughter, but no one is neutral about these British provocateurs. The series documented here, including the Sex and Death sculptures and an installation created for this exhibition, present the bad boys at their most scabrous--and beautifully printed. In a counterintuitive titling, Sex shows decomposing bodies swarming with flies and maggots; Death depicts blow-up sex dolls engaging in lewd acts. Seriousness of purpose, however, underlies the gut-punching shock, and essays here, as well as drawings and plans never seen before, illuminate the artists' work process. The dolls, for example, are cast in bronze and painted to resemble their original plastic, thus bringing a stolid permanence to a flimsy contemporary commodity. Edited by Eckhard Schneider. Essays by James Hall,Rudolf Sagmeister and Jake Chapman....