Обложка книги Mazorca: Objects Of Common Ceremony

Mazorca: Objects Of Common Ceremony

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ISBN: 0974420255;
Издательство: Marquand Books
Страниц: 167

"The first time I saw William Morris's idols I felt an electric thrill, not only because of the incredible artistic prowess each of them represents, but also because I recognized them. It was like finally finding myself before the intangible beings I had been looking for all my life, that I had glimpsed in dreams and evoked in my writing."--from the Foreword by Isabelle Allende For more than twenty years, William Morris has captivated and intrigued the art community with hauntingly evocative and beautiful glass sculptures. He has captured the imagination time and again by creating objects that appear to be ancient stone or wood carvings, not the modern glass sculptures they actually are. His art speaks of human origins, myth, ancestry, and ancient civilizations. It symbolizes a harmony between humanity and nature and provides a ghost-like bond to the world around us--a world that is often forgotten, ignored, and abused. Morris gathers much of his inspiration from ancient...

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