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Annette Messager: Word for Word: Texts, Writings, And Interviews

Обложка книги Annette Messager: Word for Word: Texts, Writings, And Interviews

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ISBN: 1933045353
Издательство: Trilce
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 460
Texts and words are of crucial importance to Annette MessagerA­s work--for her, A¬words are images.A® And so words--at once autonomous from, parallel to, and the sources of her visual creativity--are woven throughout her production. She has looked directly at our diverse relationships to language in forms ranging from the early scrapbooks of the 1970s to the large sculpted words of the late 1990s, and others including personal diaries, letters, calligraphy, alphabets and primers. She works with the repeated, drawn, framed and sculpted word; newsprint, collage and montage of texts and photographs; and handwritten texts. Plays on words and palindromes turn up in her exhibition titles and, more recently, in her childrenA­s books. All of these uses of language stem as much from Dada and Surrealism as from the aesthetics of the banal and the everyday, and they give rise to unclassifiable texts, which call somewhere between a literature of the news item or photo-essay and poetic maxims for...