Обложка книги Cameron Jamie

Cameron Jamie

ISBN: 3775717269;
Издательство: Hatje Cantz Publishers
Страниц: 159

Cameron JamieA­s calling is tracking down extreme social phenomena and presenting them in short documentary films. His best known film, BB, documents A¬backyard wrestlingA® among working-class kids in his native San Fernando Valley. In Spook Houses, he explores a suburban Chicago community that takes a little too much pleasure in the macabre at Halloween, transforming front lawns into cemeteries and kitchens into mausoleums. And in Kranky Claus, a film about Krampus rituals in Austria, he accompanies those legendary demons on their nightmarish pre-Christmas tour, thrashing frightened children. As Jamie says of his subjects and as he proves to his audiences, A¬The creepiest things in the world are always the things that are considered to be the most normalA®