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Camille Pissarro


ISBN: 0300115520;
Издательство: Other Distribution
Страниц: 259

Camille Pissarro (1830-1903) was the only member of the Impressionist group to exhibit in all eight of their exhibitions held in Paris between 1874 and 1886. He drafted the Impressionist convention and was the principal organizer of the first exhibition held in 1874. He was a bold and restless experimenter throughout his career, working in a variety of mediums and techniques, including painting, drawing, and printmaking. Pissarro was also regarded as an astute judge of young talent. CA©zanne and Gauguin both acknowledged their profound debt to him, and Seurat, Signac and Matisse also benefited from Pissarro's generous encouragement and advice at the start of their careers. This beautiful book is the first to examine closely Pissarro’s innovative role in the Impressionist movement and his novel approach to pictorial composition. With 150 stunning color illustrations of many of Pissarro’s greatest works, this comprehensive and accessible book includes...

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